Fable & Fantasy | 22 & 23 june 2024

What: Fable & Fantasy
Where: At Rensenpark Emmen
When: Saturday 22 June 2024 (10.00-23.00) & Sunday 23 June 2024 (10.00-19.00)

On the 22 and 23 of June 2024, the fifth edition of the festival Fable & Fantasy will take place at the Rensenpark in Emmen.
Fable & Fantasy, the new fantasy event of the North.

Enjoy the music, snacks, drinks and everything around you.
Take a look at the big fair, participate in a workshop or other activities . 

In short there is plenty to enjoy and to be a part of during the fifth edition of Fable & Fantasy on the 22 and 23 of June

What really is a fantasy festival?
During Fable & Fantasy you imagine yourself in a different world, the world of fantasy. The place where you can have fun, be yourself and you can be amazed.
One shows up in a great looking costume, the other in their normal clothes. It is all possible.
The Rensenpark will be transformed to a fantasy land where you will encounter fairy-tale characters, you can go back to the Middle Ages or take a look at the world of steampunk.
There is something for everyone and every type of fantasy/cosplay is welcome.
During the two days you can find various fantasy stalls at our fair.
From medieval clothing to Gothic clothing. From beautiful hats to homemade jewellery. 
From sheep skin to board games, but also nice tasting mead wine.
There are also several bands, such as the pirate party folk band Plunder, the acoustic folk band Pyrolysis, the English folk band Pickleweed and the medieval music group the Soete inval.
The Rensenpark is already an atmospheric location in itself, but is also full of adventures these days.

If you wish not to be so active, then enjoy everyone and everything around you during the pleasure of a lovely snack or drink from our medieval catering. 

In short, there is plenty to do on 22 and 23 June.
This is just a selection from the total program that is supplemented on a weekly basis.

If you wish to stay informed, follow Fable & Fantasy through Facebook or Instagram or keep an eye on this site for the latest news.
This event is for young and old and is accessible to all. We will see you there.