Fable & Fantasy | 22 & 23 june 2019

Thé newest fantasy event of the North. The place where you can enjoy yourself, be yourself, and let yourself be amazed. Where one comes in a beautiful costume, the other comes in regular clothing. Everyone is welcome on the 22nd & 23rd of June 2019. On our festival grounds you will find multiple different worlds.

One moment you travelled back in time, yet the next you find yourself in the future. You will walk in a land of fairytales, end up amidst elves, or get caught in the world of steampunk. Everything is possible. Come join the adventure, allow yourself to be amazed, but, above all, enjoy yourself!

 This event is for all ages, young and old. We want to see you!


Ticket sales have started!

Ticket sales have started! Now until January 20 with a special earlybird discount! You can order the tickets via the tickets button in the main menu. Are you buying our first ticket?