We are the happy bunch of board members of the Fable & Fantasy foundation. For years we frequented multiple fantasy events and always enjoyed them all. We noticed that, throughout those visits, we encountered a lot of people from our northern region of the Netherlands, meaning these events also enjoy a lot of attention in the North, even though for the people here it usually required a long roadtrip to get tot hem. This was not just a fact for visitors, but also participants. We thought it was time to create an event that would be like a ‘home-game’ for these people. Something the North seemed to be lacking. We know different events in the vicinity that embrace the fantasy theme, but we believe they not yet embraced the experience that is Fable & Fantasy. That’s why we love to organise this event for you. For everyone who lives close by, but certainly also for those who don’t, yet who also wish to enjoy a fantasyworld in this region, the province of Drenthe. We already have years of experience organising events, but this will be our first fantasy festival. We are looking forward to it, and we hope you will join us!

Loving regards,
Gerrie, Mirjam, Henk and Laura